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Most Frequently Used Numbers
Administration Office 817-459-5474
Adult Sports Rainout Line
Adult Sports Registration 817-459-5463
Aquatics 817-459-5483
Forestry 817-575-8311
Golf Administration Office 817-548-5043
Keep Arlington Beautiful 817-459-5477
Naturally Fun Magazine Advertising 817-575-8284
Parks Landscaping 817-459-5499
Parks Mowing 817-459-6211
Park and Pavilion Rentals 817-459-6698
Sponsorships 817-575-8284
Tennis Center 817-459-6163
Youth Sports Rainout Line 817-459-6697
Youth Sports Registration 817-459-6434


Lemuel Randolph Director 817-459-5479
Scott Fairman Assistant Director
Ariel Briggs Assistant Director 817-459-5496
Venera Flores-Stafford Assistant Director
Amber Dembroski Business Services Manager 817-459-5490
De'Onna Garner Parks Planning Manager 817-459-6937
Phillip Rogers Marketing and Enterprise Development Manager 817-575-8284


Arlington Tennis Center
VACANT Tennis Facility Manager 817-459-6162
James Helvey Head Tennis Professional 817-459-6173
VACANT Assistant Tennis Professional 817-459-6170
Sharon Smith Proshop Assistant 817-459-6172


Wendy Parker Athletic Programs Manager 817-459-5482
Tim Baggett Athletic Sports Manager 817-459-5463
Jimmy Reilly Athletic Sports Manager 817-459-6435
Ernie Smith Facility Manager - Elzie Odom Athletic Center 817-459-6442
Chris Schwartz Athletics Sports Coordinator 817-459-6443
Johnathan Smith Sports Manager 817-459-6436


Maria Campbell Aquatics Manager 817-459-5481
Matt Brinkley Aquatics Maintenance Technician II 817-459-5467
Erin Anderson Aquatics Program Coordinator 817-575-8292
Ben Jones Aquatics Service Unit Assistant 817-459-5461


Business Services
Amber Dembroski Business Services Manager 817-459-5490
Tywanda Knight Resource Manager 817-459-5471
Naisha Estrada-Medero Administrative Services Coordinator 817-459-5477
Cathy Whittington Parks Operations Analyst 817-459-5578
Renee Spangler Fiscal Services Manager 817-459-5485
Jerry Shedwick Administrative Aide 817-459-5418
Mikayla Coker  Administrative Coordinator 817-459-5469
Rita Moreno Service Representative 817-459-5472
Darence Williams Service Representative 817-459-5476


Forestry & Beautification
Wendy Pappas Urban Forest and Land Manager 817-575-8311
Jeremy Ramsey Park Landscape Supervisor 817-575-8308
Jeremy Priest Forester 817-575-8310


Golf Services
Greg Durante Golf Services Manager 817-548-5041
Sandra Grimm Golf Operations Administrator 817-548-5043
Tournament/Event Coordinator 817-548-5042
Brandon Green Restaurant Manager, Ventana Grille
VACANT Assistant Restaurant Manager, Ventana Grille 817-459-4440
Mark Claburn Superintendent of Golf Operations
Brick Scott Golf Course Superintendent - TRGC 817-275-4916
Justin Allen Golf Course Superintendent - LAGC 817-575-8305
Mike Berneberg Head Golf Professional - LAGC and MGC 817-451-6101
Chad Williams Head Golf Professional - TVGC 817-548-5050
Bill Ebdon Head Golf Professional - TRGC 817-575-9298


Phillip Rogers Marketing and Enterprise Development Manager 817-575-8284
Jonathan Ortiz Marketing and Enterprise Development Coordinator 817-459-6931
Melissa Entralgo Electronic Media Specialist 817-575-8285


Park Operations
Michael Debrecht Park Operations Manager 817-459-5499
Clif Spangler Facilities Operations Manager 817-459-5417
Randy Villarreal Parks Services Supervisor 817-459-6211
Cathy Whittington Parks Operations Analyst 817-459-5578
Armando Belamares
Parks District Supervisor - South 817-637-0654
Martin Sanchez Parks District Supervisor - North 817-575-8309
Dan Withers Asset Manager 817-459-5486
Scott DeGrant Asset Systems Administrator 817-575-8306
Larry Miglets Asset Systems Analyst 817-459-5492


Park Planning
De'Onna Garner Park Planning Manager 817-459-6937
Eric Seebock Park Project Manager 817-459-5489
Mitali Mandlekar Park Project Manager 817-459-5478
Jadey James Park Project Manager 817-459-6196
Chris Hayden Accounting Aide 817-459-5497


Recreation Programs
Krissy Crosier Center Programs Manager 817-459-6499
Chauntel Murraine Service Unit Assistant 817-459-5484
Jared Skaggs Recreation Facility Manager - Cliff Nelson Recreation Center 817-459-6181
Miranda Byrd Recreation Facility Manager -Dottie Lynn Recreation Center 817-459-5494
Courtni Anderson
Recreation Facility Manager - Hugh Smith Recreation Center 817-575-8290
Susie Traylor Recreation Facility Manager - Eunice Activity Center 817-575-8295
Madelyn Nelson Recreation Program Coordinator– Dottie Lynn Recreation Center
Jheron Thompson Recreation Program Coordinator– Cliff Nelson Recreation Center 817-459-6182
Daniel Gonzalez Recreation Program Coordinator– Hugh Smith Recreation Center 817-575-8291
Kelly Geer Administrative Aide– Eunice Activity Center 817-575-8296


Rental & Lake Services
Derek DeBusk
Rental and Lake Services Manager 817-575-8283
Bob Abbott Rental and Lake Services Coordinator 817-459-6698
Angie Dennehy Rental and Lake Services Coordinator 817-459-6231
Nate Pipkin Rental and Lake Services Coordinator 817-459-5416

To email an individual it is: firstname.lastname@arlingtontx.gov

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