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Arlington Forestry


The Forestry and Beautification Division (FAB) provides services consisting of managing the city's public tree inventory and beautification of high profile public spaces and medians. This includes more than 30,000 square feet of landscaped areas at 26 separate sites and 10,000 trees along 145 miles of medians and 88 designated parks across 4,500 acres. Notable public spaces include City Hall, Founders Plaza, Johnson Creek, Caelum Moor, Center Street Trail and other high traffic areas.

For information about trees in downtown Arlington, please view our online map (http://arcg.is/0m5aDO) and take our virtual tree tour (http://www.arcgis.com/apps/presentation/index.html?webmap=65efb1bf6f8147f39a53ce3ef3e390de)


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In celebration of Arbor Day on February 15th, the City of Arlington gave out nearly 1,800 free trees! For more information about upcoming tree giveaways and other events, sign up for the email newsletter below and like us on Facebook.

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Does the city trim or remove trees in between the sidewalk and curb?

Generally speaking, in residential areas the City of Arlington does not maintain the area between the curb and sidewalk. However, on some larger roads the right-of-way along one or both sides may be mowed and maintained by the City. Each area is different, so you may need to contact us if you are unsure about a specific area.

If my tree looks like it may be dying, can I call the city arborist?

We can provide some suggestions for tree issues, but we cannot look at trees on private property or provide any specific recommendations. We suggest contacting a consulting arborist that is ISA certified. This website allows you to find an arborist in your area: https://www.treesaregood.org/findanarborist/findanarborist

In most cases tree issues begin with the roots, but rarely is fertilizing the tree a proper solution. Trees tolerate varying amounts of water in the soil, but extremely dry soil and extremely saturated soil generally hurt the tree. Most people do not realize that tree roots don't just need water, they also need air and too much water suffocates the tree.

Who is responsible for pruning trees over roads or sidewalks?

According to the Code of Ordinances, limbs must be 7 feet above sidewalks and 14 feet above roads, the owner of the land where the tree is located is responsible for pruning to maintain that safety clearance. In the case of trees on city maintained medians and right-of-ways the city will prune trees to maintain this clearance. Please bring these issues to our attention using the Ask Arlington website or mobile app. For tree related issues, please select "Overhanging Tree Limbs on a Property" if the tree appears to be on private property and use "Tree Maintenance-City Property" if the tree is on a median or right-of-way.

I see a tree I think is unsafe or dead, who should I talk to?

For trees on private property, Code Compliance enforces removal of hazardous trees. For trees on city property, we will determine if the tree is unsafe or needs to be removed. The City does not remove healthy trees for convenience. Please contact the Action Center to have the issue reported to the appropriate department.

Who is responsible for pruning limbs over my property?

Limbs over a property are entirely the responsibility of that landowner, the owner of the land where the tree is located is not responsible for pruning limbs that contact buildings or hang over driveways. Hazard situations may require tree maintenance by the tree owner. Please contact the Action Center to speak with Code Compliance about this issue.

Are there limitations on tree removal in Arlington?

In some cases, trees on private property are protected and require approval or mitigation for removal. Please contact the Action Center to speak with Community Development and Planning. Trees located on property boundaries require approval by both parties for a tree to be removed. In some cases, trees bordering City of Arlington property may be permitted to be removed by the adjacent owner.

Are there limitations on tree planting in Arlington?

Trees may be planted anywhere on private property, but to prevent issues which result in costs to the owner and the public, please follow these guidelines:

  • Trees should not be planted within 2 feet of a sidewalk or within 6 feet of the curb if there is no existing sidewalk
  • Trees should not be planted directly under power lines or overhead cables, and only small trees should be planted in the vicinity of power lines
  • Avoid planting trees directly on property lines, doing so could be considered encroachment and may cause legal issues in the future

Is the City's tree inventory data available to the public?

Yes, the data can be provided to researchers or interested individuals. In addition to the UFORE analysis, which provides insights into Arlington's urban forest, we have an extensive inventory of city-owned trees. We hope to make this data available through the City's online GIS system in the future.

If you would like to provide feedback on the LEAF program, such as how your tree(s) are performing, submit photos, or to report an issue with your tree please use the following survey.

If you have questions, please check the FAQ section before contacting the City of Arlington. Other questions should be directed through the Action Center (817-459-6777) so that they may be able to direct you to the best person for your question. 

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