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Trees (4)

Thursday, 23 May 2013 10:16


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  • Increase in Property Values
  • Decrease in Energy Costs
  • Improvement in Air Quality
  • Reduction in Storm Water Runoff
  • Decrease in Soil Erosion
  • Improvement in Water Quality
  • Creation of Wildlife Habitat
  • Increase in Community Pride
  • Positive Impact on Consumer Behavior
  • Increase in Recreational Opportunities
  • Improvement in Health and Well – being
  • Reduction of Noise Levels
  • Creation of Buffer Zones
Thursday, 23 May 2013 10:15


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The City of Arlington, in coordination with Oncor, is working to ensure Arlington residents are informed regarding tree pruning activities throughout the city. While trees provide shade and beauty to our neighborhoods, unmanaged tree growth in proximity to power lines can be dangerous and cause power outages. It is our goal to provide you with as much information as possible on Oncor's policies and procedures as it relates to tree pruning activities. Who is Oncor? 
Oncor is a regulated utility that delivers electricity regardless of the retail electric provider from whom consumers choose to purchase their electricity.
Pruning Trees Near Electric Utility Lines 
Industry Guidelines 
Frequently Asked Questions: Tree Pruning and Planting 
Useful Vegetation Management Links
When planning your home's landscape, it is important to select the right tree for the right place. Planting the right tree in the right place will enhance your property value and prevent costly trimming and damage to your home in the future.
Know Before You Grow
Thursday, 23 May 2013 10:14


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It is important to carefully choose the site where you will plant your tree before digging. Pay special attention to where the tree will be planted making sure that it will have plenty of clearance from obstructions as the tree matures. Overhead power lines, underground lines, sidewalks, and buildings should be given consideration before choosing the planting site. 
Correct preparation encourages root growth reducing the difficulties already challenging the young tree. Most roots spread through the top 12" of soil in a wide periphery around the tree. Slope the side of the hole and dig or deeply rototill an area around the hole at least twice the diameter of the container. 
Plant the tree with the top of the root ball even with the surrounding terrain. When wet conditions or heavy soil are problems, raising several inches of the root ball above ground will aid the spread of lateral roots. 
Backfill with native soil or a mix of native soil and high quality top soil. Gently pack and soak with water. Add a 2-3" thick mulch layer around the tree out to the edge of the drip line, mounding the mulch at the outer edge to create a bowl effect. Be careful not to let the mulch touch the trunk of the tree. The best time to plant trees in the Arlington area is between December and March.
Thursday, 23 May 2013 10:12


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Pruning young trees can help the health and give the desired form. The first pruning event is at the time of planting and consists of the removal of broken, diseased, dying or dead branches. The second pruning event occurs three years after planting and shall include the five following steps: Remove broken, diseased, dying or dead branches. Select a central leader and remove competing branches. Select the lowest permanent scaffold branch. Select scaffold branches and cut back or remove competing branches. Select temporary branches. 
Pruning cuts should be made only on the branch taking great care not to cut into the stem tissue. The branch collar and branch bark ridge are both parts of the stem and should not be effected by the pruning cut as seen below in the illustration. Make the cut as close as possible to the stem tissue without damaging the branch collar and branch bark ridge. This allows the tree to seal off the wound properly and decreases the chance of disease and decay reaching the stem tissue.

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