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Park Board

The Park and Recreation Board meeting is held the second Monday evening of every month. The board discusses items on the agenda, parks and recreation projects going on in the city, and receives input from citizens. All residents are invited to come and observe the board during any meeting.


The board's regular session usually begins at 6:30 p.m. in the Board Room at the Parks and Recreation Administration Building, 717 West Main. The board may schedule a regular or special meeting at some other location. All changes to the regular location will be posted in advance.

1 Cynthia Rowe 6/30/20
2 Steve Kerr 6/30/20
3 Deborah Spell 6/30/19
4 Peggy James (Chair) 6/30/19
5 Ruby Woolridge 6/30/19
6 Jacob Sumpter 6/30/20
7 Grace Darling 6/30/20
8 Daphne Jackson 6/30/19
9 Marty McGee 6/30/19
10 Vacant -












Standing Committees- Comprised of Park Board members

 Planning and Development Committee
*Meet as needed
This area includes the review of issues and opportunities relative to park acquisition, design and development. This area addresses comprehensive planning efforts that impact long-range city-wide issues, policies and recommendations. Other subjects include planning and reporting relative to park bond elections and implementation.

Types of subjects covered may include:
• Revisions to the Park, Recreation and Open Space Plan
• Revisions to various strategic plans (i.e., Facility Needs Assessment, Forestry Master Plan, Golf Master Plan, Hike and Bike Plan, Skate Park Strategy)
• Site selection for new park acquisition
• Park development plans
• Bond program development and election support
• Development of capital budgets involving one or more funding sources.

Policies and Operations Committee
*Meet as needed
This area includes department operations focused on maximizing the useful life and maintaining the functional integrity of park and recreation facilities and systems, including budget recommendations relative to both routine preventative maintenance and facility renovations. Other components include policies relative to program offerings and subsidy levels, as well as issues and ordinances associated with the Parks Chapter of the City Code and subdivision rules and regulations.

Types of subjects covered may include:
• Park Board protocol and operating procedures
• Standing and Ad-Hoc Committee appointments
• Ordinance development and revision
• Status reports on the Park Development Fee and Linear Park Ordinances
• Park and facility naming or renaming proposals
• Park closing hours
• Infrastructure maintenance planning
• Maintenance policies, standards (service levels) and procedures
• Safety and security
• Operating budget – priorities for new programs and adjustments to base
• Facility and program policies, standards (service levels) and procedures
• Facility rental policies
• Cost recovery model (program subsidy levels, policies, fees and charges)

Subcommittees- Voluntary Board, comprised of one appointed Park Board Liaison

Senior Advisory
*Meet bi-monthly
The Senior Advisory Board (SAB) purpose is to represent the Senior Recreation Centers’ (SRC) members, serve, promote and support the development of programs and activities at the Senior Recreation Centers. The Senior Recreation Centers’ programs are City based programs for senior citizens 50 and older who are registered members of the center. The Senior Advisory Board recommends programs and activities for implementation to the Center’s Supervisor for approval.

Golf Advisory
*Meet approximately 8 months out of the year, times TBD
The Golf Advisory Board purpose is to create the vision for Arlington Golf. Review policies and procedures
• Review fee structure
• Help develop course initiatives
• Gather information & feedback from customers
• Advise staff of course and/or program issues
• Support Arlington golf staff

Keep Arlington Beautiful
*Meet the 1st Monday of every month @ 6:30 pm.
The Keep Arlington Beautiful (KAB) purpose is to educate and engage the Arlington community to take responsibility for improving their environment. Keep Arlington Beautiful supports Arlington’s initiative to nurture and grow an environmentally friendly and vibrant community providing our residents with ample opportunities for culture, beauty and play.

• Adopt-A-Spot Program
• Community Appearance Indexing
• City Beautification Projects
• Volunteer Recruitment
• Eco-Fest
• Grant Writing- Department beautification initiatives
• Keep America Beautiful Affiliates- participation in events
• Keep Texas Beautiful Affiliates- participation in events

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