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What are Zebra Mussels?

Zebra mussels are invasive species that cause declines in native mussel and fish populations. They also cling to boat hulls and plug engine cooling systems. They hinder water recreation, destroy aquatic ecosystems and ruin beaches. Zebra mussels disrupt and damage municipal and industrial water supply systems by colonizing the insides of pipelines and restricting the flow of water.

What Can You Do?

CLEAN. After removing your boat from the lake, inspect it, your trailer and gear, and remove any zebra mussels, vegetation or debris. If you find zebra mussels or if you have kept your boat on a lake known to have zebra mussels, wash your boat, trailer and gear thoroughly, ideally at a commercial car wash or using a high-pressure sprayer with hot, soapy water. Water above 140˚F will kill the zebra mussels, and the high-pressure wash will help remove them from your boat. If you have a large boat, it may be necessary to have it professionally decontaminated.

DRAIN. Drain all water from the boat, including the engine, bilge, livewells and bait buckets, before leaving the lake.

DRY. Open all compartments and livewells and allow the boat and trailer to sit completely dry for a week or more before entering another water body.

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Source: Texas Parks & Wildlife

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