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Equipment Less than 16 feet Less than 26 feet
Personal Flotation Devices One Type I, II, III, or V for each person on board. Type V hybrid must be worn at all times to meet Coast Guard regulations. One Type I, II, III, or V for each person on board or being towed on water skis, etc., plus one Type IV available to be thrown. Type V hybrid must be worn at all times to meet Coast Guard regulations.
Fire Extinguishers At least one B-1 Coast Guard approved type hand portable fire extinguisher. Note: When Coast Guard approved fixed fire extinguishing system is installed in machinery space(s), no hand portable extinguisher is required.
Ventilation At least two ventilator ducts fitted with cowls for the purpose of properly and efficiently ventilating the bilges of every inboard engine and fuel tank compartment of boats constructed or decked over after April 25, 1940, using gasoline or other fuel having a flashpoint less than 110 degrees F. Boats built after July 31, 1980 must have operable power blowers.
Whistle, Bell or Horn Any device capable of making an "efficient sound signal" audible for one mile.
Backfire Flame Arrestor One Coast Guard approved device on each carburetor of all gasoline engines installed after April 25, 1940, except outboard motors.
Visual Distress Signals – for coastal waters, Great Lakes or high seas Required only when operating at night. Same night equipment choices as for larger boats as shown to the right. Orange flag with black square-and-disc (day); and an S-O-S electric light (night); or three orange smoke signals, handheld or floating (day); or three red flares of handheld, meteor, or parachute type (day/night)


Display of Numbers  
Registration / Documentation  
Sound Producing Devices / Bell  
Navigation Lights  
Pollution Placard  
MARPOL Trash Placard  
Marine Sanitation Devices  
Navigation Rules  
State and/or Local Requirements  
Overall Vessel Conditions: as applies
  • Deck Free of Hazards / Clean Bilge
  • Electrical - Fuel Systems
  • Galley - Heating Systems
Marine Radio  
Dewatering Device & Backup  
Mounted Fire Extinguishers  
Anchor & Line for Area  
First Power and PIW Kits (**over)  
Inland Visual Distress Signals  
Capacity / Certificate of Compliance  
Discussion Items: as applies
  • Accident Reporting - Owner Responsibility
  • Offshore Operations
  • Nautical Charts / Navigation Aids
  • Survival Tips / First Aid
  • Fueling / Fuel Management
  • Float Plan / Weather & Sea Conditions
  • Insurance Considerations
  • Boating Check List
  • Safe Boating Classes
  • Maritime Domain Awareness
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