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Pavilion Rentals - Central Arlington

Park 100-Veterans Park

Veterans Park stands in remembrance of those citizens of Arlington who served our country
through their military service. It is the only park in the city with a disc golf course and one of two
with an equestrian trail. 

Horses, disc golf and performing arts, oh my! Located in west Arlington, Veterans Park stands in remembrance of those citizens of Arlington who served our country through their military service. It is the only park in the city with a disc golf course (and quite challenging at that!) and one of two with an equestrian trail. At 103 acres, there’s plenty of room in this park to spread out and enjoy the other facilities that include a performing arts stage, playgrounds, practice fields, a mile and a half hike and bike trail, a nature area and both wildscape and xeriscape gardens. There is also a pavilion that seats approximately 120 people available for rent through the Arlington Parks Department via email or by calling 817-459-5473.

Veterans Park-121Veterans Park-127

• 103 acres
• Bike / Hike trail (1.44 mi)
• Disc golf (18 hole)
• Equestrian trails
• Grills
• Informal fields
• Nature area with trail
• Picnic shelters
• Playground with shade: 2-5 and 5-12
• Practice fields
• Restrooms
• Wildscape garden
• Xeriscape garden
Free backyard composting classes

PAVILION 35’ x 35’
• Electrical Outlets
• Lighted
• Picnic tables (18)
• Seats approximately 120

• Electrical outlets
• Lawn seating
• Partially covered stage
• Professional acoustic design
• Stage lighting

Veterans Park-70Veterans Park-130

Park 100-Vandergriff Park

The Vandergriff family’s charitable donations included land for Arlington Memorial Hospital
and city parks. Former Mayor, Tom Vandergriff was instrumental in bringing General Motors
to the city. He helped establish Arlington as the entertainment capital of Texas by supporting the
creation of Six Flags Over Texas and bringing the Texas Rangers ball club to the city. 

Tom Vandergriff and Arlington are like Tom Landry and the Dallas Cowboys. There have been other mayors in Arlington, and there have been other Cowboys coaches, but none will quite measure up to Mayor Vandergriff and Coach Landry. Ever. As Arlington’s longtime mayor from 1951 to 1977, Vandergriff provided critical leadership in helping transform Arlington from a small community of 8,000 people to a vibrant city of nearly 400,000 that's home to the University of Texas at Arlington, the Dallas Cowboys, the Texas Rangers, a General Motors assembly plant and a thriving tourism industry that includes Six Flags Over Texas. Located just a few miles south of downtown Arlington, Vandergriff Park features both the Allen Bolden Pool and the Bob Duncan Center. It has numerous recreation facilities including baseball fields, practice fields and tennis courts. There is also a pavilion that seats approximately 120 people available for rent through the Arlington Parks Department via email or by calling 817-459-5473.

Vandergriff Park Skate Vandergriff Park-35

• 84 acres
• Allen Bolden Pool
• Bike / Hike trail (1.17 mi, 12 ft wide loop)
• Bob Duncan Center
• Facility lighting
• Formal baseball fields
• Grills
• Horseshoes
• Skatepark
• Multipurpose fields
• Picnic area & concession
• Playground: 2-5 and 5-12
• Practice fields
• Restrooms
• Tennis courts

PAVILION 30’ x 60’
• Electrical outlets
• Lighted
• Picnic tables (20)
• Seats approximately 130

Vandergriff Park-13Vandergriff Park-50

Park 100-RichardSimpsonPark

Richard Simpson Park is a 9-acre city park on the shoreline of Lake Arlington. It is one of only two Arlington parks that provide public access to Lake Arlington for recreational usage. The park is named after Richard W. Simpson, a lifetime resident of Arlington who served on the Arlington Police Department’s Special Tactical Unit and as Lake Officer for 13 years. Mr. Simpson was known for his tireless work around Lake Arlington and rare ability to be a friend to anyone in need. During his tenure as Lake Officer he received three lifesaving awards for his service to the community.

The 2008 Bond Election included $1 million to replace the existing Richard Simpson Park lake activity room and office, which was constructed in 1960. This building is used for a variety of rental and recreational activities. The building has many physical condition and accessibility challenges, and due to its location in the 100 year floodplain, options for reinvesting in the structure are very limited. Since the park did not have a master plan, the project included site master planning, including relocation of the lake activity room and office building where it can be elevated from the floodplain. With the park infrastructure being 30-plus years of age, the master plan will also provide guidance for any future improvements as we retire aging assets.

A primary objective of the master planning process was to evaluate options for relocating the building to higher ground, toward the center of the park. Current code requires inhabitable structures to be built at least two feet above the 100-year floodplain. The proposed location would require the building to be elevated five feet to meet this requirement. This location preserves the building’s relationship with the lake, but is more central to the park and provides more buffer for the neighborhood.

Richard Simpson Park-10Richard Simpson Park-11

In 2015, the City Council directed staff to proceed with design of phase one improvements estimated at $4 million. The proposed construction will be funded through the 2008 Bond Referendum and Arlington Tomorrow Foundation. Proposed phase one improvements include:

•    New lake rental building and office (approximately 4,100 square feet)
•    Adjoining restrooms to replace the existing park restroom building
•    Accompanying event garden
•    New pavilion
•    Fishing pier
•    Playground
•    Walking trail
•    Picnic stations
•    Parking lot modifications with automated gate
•    Accessibility improvements
•    Landscaping and irrigation
•    Removal of the existing looped roadway
•    Bio-swale to accommodate drainage from Arkansas Lane and the existing parking lot
•    Drop-off areas adjacent to the new lake rental building and the pavilion for customer convenience

Designed is scheduled to begin in August 2015 and run through July 2016. Construction is expected to begin in late 2016. For more information on this project, please contact Eric Seebock at 817-459-5489 or Eric.Seebock@arlingtontx.gov.

To view the Richard Simpson Park Master Plan (phase one), please click on the green tab below.

Richard Simpson Park-9Tall Grass-1


Park 100-Mary & Jimmie Hooper Park

The Hoopers served as presidents of the Kooken PTA and the Arlington Gem and Mineral Club.
They worked with the Girl Scouts, were first aid instructors, began the Arlington Community Fair
and donated the first Little League ball fields at Randol Mill Park.

Mary  Jimmie Hooper Park-15Mary  Jimmie Hooper Park-11

• 17 acres
• Basketball court
• Bike / Hike trail (.5 mi)
• Fishing
• Grills
• Picnic area
• Playground: 2-5 and 5-12
• Practice field
• Nature area with trail

PAVILION 28’ x 28’
• Lighted
• Picnic tables (2)
• Seats 15

Mary  Jimmie Hooper Park-2Mary  Jimmie Hooper Park-17

Park 100-Recovered

Carl Knox Jr. Park’s 13 acres are nestled between houses and apartments providing the surrounding
neighborhoods a place to relax, visit and play. The park is named for Carl Knox, Jr., who is honored
in the UTA Hall of Fame for Basketball, Tennis and Football as well as the TCU Hall of Fame for
Football. He was instrumental in the founding of the Boys Club of Arlington.

Carl Knox Jr. Park-3Carl Knox Jr. Park-11

• 9 acres
• Basketball courts
• Bike / Hike trail (.50 mi)
• BMX area
• Fishing
• Grill
• Horseshoes
• Picnic area
• Playground with shade: 2-5 and 5-12
• Practice fields with backstop

PAVILION 22’ x 22’
• Picnic tables (3)
• Seats 20

Carl Knox Jr. Park-16Carl Knox Jr. Park-12

Park 100

It is believed that California Lane acquired its name sometime after 1849 when early residents of Johnson Station used the road to travel west to the California gold fields. Documents also indicate it was part of an early stagecoach line that linked the settlements to forts in west Texas and ultimately California.


California Lane Park-34California Lane Park-13

10 Acres
Bike/Hike Trail (.21 mile)
Basketball courts
Nature Area
Outdoor Classroom
Picnic area
Playground: 2-5 and 5-12
Practice Fields

CL-3California Lane Park-2

Park 100

Land for Bowman Springs Park, named for the Bowman family that settled in Arlington in 1852, was acquired on January 9, 1959. Originally referred to as "Feather Beach" the 14-acre park takes advantage of its location perched on the southeastern edge of the lake. Paddlers can enter an 11-mile paddling trail that is the first of its kind in the DFW area and the first flat-water trail in Texas. The park also features a fishing pier, a floating dock, an eight-lane boat ramp, and, as one lakeside resident pointed out, "the most beautiful sunsets in the world."


Bowman Springs Park-13Bowman Springs Park-16


14 acres
Basketball Court
Bike/Hike Trail (.16 mile)
Boat Ramp
Picnic area

Bowman Springs Park-6Bowman Springs Park-14

Park 100

BC Barnes- Veteran of WWII and the Korean War. Professor of Business Administration at UTA.
Appointed Vice President of Fiscal Affairs of UTA in 1969 and later appointed Vice President of
Administration, a position he held until his retirement in 1969.

B.C. Barnes park-21B.C. Barnes park-1

• 9 acres
• Grill
• Multi-purpose practice fields
• Playground: 2-5 and 5-12
PAVILION 30’ x 30’
• Picnic tables (3)
• Seats 15

B.C. Barnes park-12B.C. Barnes park-4

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